Buying in the USA



We Cover 43 States


Who doesn’t love the USA? This is a country of contrast and Florida is no exception. Our office in Ft Lauderdale works with buyers both in the USA and around the world to put them in their perfect Floridian home. 

Florida is our home in the USA however we work with offices all over the country so whatever your real estate goal let us know and lets see what fits the buck. 

The property market in the USA makes it easy for foreign buyers to own and use. Whether you dream of a luxury condo on Miami beach or a ranch home in Texas you have it all at your feet. Investors love real estate in the USA and we can offer buyers built-in return on investment and help them achieve a goal of owning and making money. 

A home in this great country is much easier and much more cost effective than you might expect so please get in touch and let us help you.




Facts About the USA


  • Florida has more residents that the state of New York 
  • Alaska has the biggest coast line 
  • Donald Trump is the wealthiest president 
  • The value of the US housing market is $31.8 Trillion
  • 80% of land in Nevada id owned by the government 
  • Adolf Hitler owned a mansion in Hollywood
  • The apartment from the hit show ‘friends’ is worth $3.5 Million 
  • Average house price in the USA is more than $215,000 (April 30th 2018)
  • Grand Central Train Station is the biggest in the world with 44 platforms